4 questions to ask before investing

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By Birdee

Boss just given you a bonus? Family been generous for your birthday? Your numbers came up on the Euromillion? However you came by your windfall, you have to decide what to do with it. Spend? Save? Bit of both? Well, if you do want to invest a lump sum, however large or small, there are four crucial questions you need to ask first.

1 / What is the purpose of my investment?

Do you want to save to buy a property, plan for retirement, book the holiday of a lifetime, put money aside for a rainy day, start a business or give a gift to your children? Your savings objective(s) will determine the best way to invest your money.

2 / What risk am I willing to take?

Do you absolutely need to get back at least the amount you put in? Are you willing to accept a greater temporary loss if it can ultimately bring you higher gains? Or do you want to protect your capital at all costs, even if that means you don’t stand to make huge profits? Your accepted level of risk will determine your earning potential.

3 / How long do I want to invest my money for?

Do you want to reap rewards in 5 years? 10 years ? Would you be happy if your children saw the benefits instead of you? Your investment horizon is fundamental to determining the composition of your investment portfolio.

4 / Who do I trust?

Your bank can help you open a simple savings account but if you’re looking for new sources of investment that offer higher earnings prospects, you’ll neeed to contact an independent advisor who can guide you through your options.

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