Birdee makes Friday Green again!

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By Birdee

This year, Birdee is committed to the organization Make Friday Green Again to take the opposite side of this commercial operation that does not make sense in Europe, and encourages consumption.

Why does Black Friday not make sense in Europe?

Black Friday was created in the United States in the 1950s, and arrived in France in 2013. At the end of November, after Thanksgiving, businesses offer huge discounts to sell off unsold holiday items.

In France, Black Friday arrives one month before Christmas, in the middle of the selling season. The huge discounts in a very short period of time make us consume and buy what we don't really need.


Overconsumption impacts the climate.

Let's consume when we really need to, without excess. The entire scientific world is warning us that we need to limit global warming to +1.5°C before 2030, by re-establishing a healthier consumption pattern: this is a priority!

Did you know that the manufacture of a television is equivalent to an average of 350kg of CO2-e? So, for the sake of the planet (and our wallet) let's consume when we really need to, without excess. At Birdee, we believe that it is better to invest our savings for the future, rather than in superfluous material. What about you?


Find your alternatives to Black Friday!

Why not curb our desire to consume by spending a few hours sorting out our closets: repair, donate, sell or recycle what you no longer use. You might get a little money out of it, which you can invest directly on Birdee, your responsible investment app, accessible from 50€. A good way to create value, while respecting your own!


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