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By Birdee
Digital saving accessible to everyone: (re)discover Birdee Money Expert! Savings in a nutshell Saving money means that you don’t spend it now, but keep it aside for later. In other words, it’s a part of your income that you don’t spend right away, but that you put aside to build up a cash reserve. Why should you save money? The economic climate is not always promising. So, it is important to have some savings set aside so you can look forward to the future with confidence. Savings allow you, not only to deal with unforeseen circumstances, but also to realize the projects that matter most to you, such as buying a house, building a capital to pass on to your children, or providing yourself with an additional retirement income. Discover Birdee! Thanks to Birdee Money Experts, it has never been easier to make your money grow. We offer you a high quality, digital savings method without entry or exit fees that is accessible to everyone. Indeed, you don’t need any financial skills or background. Our experts are there to assist you and manage your savings for you. We offer different types of portfolios suited to you expectations. You can start investing with as little as 1,000 €. Our team consists of financial and digital experts who never stop innovating to deliver you the best solutions ever. Security is also one of our top priorities. Your personal and bank data are as save with us as with any other traditional bank institution. In addition, your money and assets are held by a bank supervised by the European Central Bank. If you need the money you put into your Birdee account, we make sure that you can withdraw it anytime with just a couple of mouse clicks. Watch this video to (re)discover Birdee. You can always contact us through the chat on our website. Or just call us at +352 2030 1622.


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