Couples: how can you manage and invest your money alone or together?

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By Birdee

Couples: how can you manage and invest your money alone or together?

Money can be a delicate subject, but it can play an important role in your life as a couple. That's right, being in a couple also means sharing budget management with your partner! Budget management, differences in income: depending on shared finances can be a source of discord between couples.

Would you like to create lasting harmony in your financial management as a couple? Start by taking stock together. Analyse your financial habits and discover strategies for saving and investing with peace of mind, alone or as a couple. Birdee has some advice on how to divide your finances and manage your budget as a couple!


Are you on the same wavelength as your partner?

Does your partner have debts and doesn't give the slightest justification for their spending? Do you worry that they love you for your money or, on the contrary, do you fear that they are locking up all their savings so as not to share anything with you? Before contemplating a break-up or life plans, try to clarify the situation by establishing a climate of peace in the management of your expenses as a couple:

  • - Put your cards on the table: talk clearly to your partner about your fears. Explain your personal objectives, whether they involve saving as a couple, joint investment projects or individual investments.
  • - Take stock of your spending and income levels: do you each have savings? Does either of you have a job with a higher or lower income, or are you having problems getting through the month or managing your money?
  • - Discuss the various options available to you as a couple: enter into a civil partnership (PACS), marriage or cohabitation, and look at the different ways you can make your situation official and get off to a good legal start if you feel you are ready to manage accounts as a couple.

👛 Good to know: in general, savings accounts are individual. If you're a couple, the best thing to do is to save separately. This is a good way of adapting your investment without depending on the other.


Each relationship has its own type of investment

Do you trust each other? Create a joint account to start managing your accounts together

When it comes to financial management as a couple, it's always more comfortable to feel equal. If it's not a savings product, opening a joint account at the bank can simplify the day-to-day management of your couple's expenses. It also gives you a clearer picture of the budget you can put aside each month for your joint investment projects, such as buying a property, getting married, celebrating a special event or going on a trip!

💡 If you set up a joint account at the bank, make sure you keep a personal bank account and continue to fund your individual savings account.


Do you have an inheritance or property? Take stock of your matrimonial situation

Even if you have no doubts whatsoever about your partner's love, it's always best to clarify your marital situation in the eyes of the law.

  • - If you are under the PACS regime, you and your partner will keep your personal property even if you separate.
  • - If you are married or about to marry your partner, the classic distribution conditions automatically divide assets 50/50 following a divorce. Do you own any personal property? Drawing up a marriage contract will ensure that you get your inherited assets or finances back in the event of divorce or separation.

❤️‍🩹 Prevention is better than cure. Avoid unpleasant surprises and follow our advice to protect your savings in the event of divorce!


Choosing to invest on your own: the risk-free solution

You don't have the same financial capital? Spread your savings individually!

Just because you're married, have children or live together doesn't mean that all your budgets have to be pooled. Here are a few examples of individual savings that may be of interest to couples:

  • - Savings books (A, PER, PEA or the “livret d'épargne populaire”...): if you can, invest your money in a separate savings book according to your capacity and your savings.
  • - Life insurance: this is one of the French people's favourite savings solutions. Whether you are married, in a civil partnership (PACS) or cohabiting, you can set up an individual life insurance policy and include your spouse among the beneficiaries. In the best-case scenario, you can even combine two life insurance policies!
  • - The SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier): a solution for investing money in a shared asset by investing percentages of individual shares.


Not ready to make a long-term financial commitment to your partner? Secure your future by investing in property!

As much as you love your partner, you keep your feet on the ground and know that your relationship could fall apart at any moment. That said, you'd still like to secure your future, your assets and, why not, your retirement.

Focus on property investment (rental investment, box, main residence) or on long-term investments that will guarantee you a return beyond five years. In short, whether you're on your own or a couple, it's never too early to invest and make plans for your future!

💸 Diversify your portfolios now, so you have every chance on your side to gradually build up your money and bring your individual or couple projects to fruition.

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