How eco-friendly are you?

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By Birdee
Continuing our focus on sustainable development, Birdee asks how eco-friendly are you? Do your daily life practices or attitude help take care of the environment?  Take our quiz to find out more.  

The results

7-17 points: The (big-hearted) skeptic You are disquieted by the news and media reporting regarding climate changes and global problems. Whilst not being a climate-change denier, you do think unnecessary hyperbole and media scare-tactics are not the best way forward to implement sustainable development in a meaningful way.  You may also be frustrated at a fundamental systemic disorganisation and believe the powers that be should take a greater responsibility to initiate practical and rational changes.  You care about these issues, the environment, by the loss of habitat for animals and so on, yet you feel at times skeptical of mankind’s ability to do what is needed.  On a personal day-to-day level, you make an effort to live in a green way. You consider the issue not widespread enough internationally or politically and believe in smart systemic adjustments to live as societies in a sustainable way.   18-32 points: The ‘we’re in this together’  You are motivated to play your part to live sustainably and you are endeavoring to do your best in the day-to-day with recycling as an example.  You believe in small habitual actions contributing to a greater whole and that a little can go a long way. You view doing your part as necessary and feel living sustainably is a team and a community effort. You may be the kind of person who would fundraise for good causes at a local centre and encourage/organise others to get involved.  You are sensitive in choices for example whether you’re eating in an environmentally conscious diet or consuming ethically. However, you can, at times, feel unsure or guilty believing yourself as behaving selfishly like unnecessary use of plastics and particularly when considering future generations and what we're leaving behind for them. You may fear that the actions being taken are too little too late. Your sense of responsibility is strong and you take part and take care through humble collective everyday actions making a contribution.   33-45 points:  The ‘I have got bigger fish to fry’  It’s not that you don’t care about the environment or living sustainably, you do, it just might not be your priority right now.  You take general actions to take care of our planet and live green, such as some recycling and perhaps keeping plants. If there’s an easy way to be green you do your bit but you don’t really go out of your way.  You are concerned when you think about it, it’s just you are just busy with other stuff. Right now, you’re focusing on your career or your other projects and not really thinking about this subject deeply. You may be happy to make an eco-responsible choice if it ties with your budget or what you already like. However, if it costs or complicates your life too much, you don’t have much impetus to go the extra mile.   + 46 points: The pro-active eco warrior  You take being ecologically-responsible seriously. You’re not only ethically and environmentally conscious but also engaged and active. Putting your money where your mouth is, you try to consume as responsibly as you can considering the zero-waste approach. This extends also to your diet, which tends towards vegetarian/vegan, generally you buy organic, seasonal, ethical foods. You sense your individual responsibility is large and whether hopeful or dubious, you remain determined. You view the plight to sustainable development or living in a way that can regenerate and respect nature’s cycles as non-negotiable.  You consider holistically our ecological footprint connecting your behaviour to the impact on other communities worldwide and animals and plants.  desire to honour Earth and conserve it for future generations life hope mother nature.


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