Investing 1,000 € is not a trivial matter ... and 50 € can really make a difference!

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By Birdee

For some people, 1,000 € represents a huge amount that prevents them from making their first investment.

Of course, it is much less than the minimum amount required by traditional banks, but after all, it is not nothing either! These last months, you kept telling us: 1,000 € to make a first investment, whether or not sustainable or socially responsible, it is too much!

So, last year already we sat together with our partners to find ways to lower this minimum investment without jeopardizing the quality of our services, nor driving up the costs. It was quite a technological challenge too, and our partners had to invest to get up to speed technically.

But everyone did his bit!

Today, we are very pleased to announce that from 12 June onwards, you will have the opportunity to subscribe online to the savings offers on our platform starting from 50 €*.

And we offer you this hugely lowered minimum investment amount without imposing any condition whatsoever. Apart from this initial payment of 50 €, no minimum amount will be required for making additional payments. So, you can start saving and investing money, little by little and right away, for all the projects that matter most to you.

We have developed this new product offer in cooperation with our parent company Gambit and the German private bank Sutor Bank, created in 1921 and our privileged partner ever since we started Birdee.

It meets our ambition to make sustainable and socially responsible investing accessible and available to everyone. We take this mission very much to heart, ever since we created Birdee in 2017. But since actions speak louder than words, we have significantly lowered our minimum investment amount.

Together with our entire Birdee team, we hope that this new offer will convince you to start investing. From now on, even a small amount of money can be invested in causes that have a real impact on our common future.

In the current context, this too can make a difference!

Visit the Birdee application to open a portfolio.

See you very soon on Birdee!

*For the moment being, the minimum initial amount of 50 € is only allowed on our ‘Securities account’ envelop.


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