Make 2020 your best financial year with these 4 resolutions!

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By Birdee

Even the most cynical non-believers of new year’s resolutions may mutter begrudgingly a small oath or promise seeing as though, this year - it’s a biggie - a whole brand-new decade. If, though, on the other hand, you’re of the more easily-inspired, glass-half-full-kind-of-person, then you may have already written lists, set intentions, practiced gratitude, meditations and all that jazz. However you’re inclined, questioning what these next ten years will mean to you is an interesting exercise and probably worth doing. For any day can be the start of something, a first day.  And this optimistic stance is something we celebrate at Birdee. Whatever your needs are, they’ll somehow involve your finances and it may be worthwhile considering your next steps and not underestimating the power of positive habits.


What would you like to do this year? Whatever your dream is, be it building a jacuzzi in your backyard to backpacking across the Silk Route, a financial component will be involved. This is inevitable. Meaning a bit of financial planning is unavoidable. Or at least, well-advised.  Setting financial goals is a fine way to organise yourself and establish priorities so that you make your choices count to achieving your goal(s).  


There are many things, when you stop to think, that you could be concerned about right now. And the global warming crisis is probably up there as one of those things. At Birdee we’ve thought about this too. We want to keep doing business but in a fair way whilst taking care of our beautiful planet. That’s why with Birdee, when you invest with us, you invest in a green way, in sustainable development. You make money and do good simultaneously. Seriously, what’s not to love? 


You know you lose money with saving owing to interest. You know you have projects that need paying for. Investing therefore, really is a smart move. And to be honest, with Birdee, you’re running out of excuses not to dip your little toes in and have a go. With Birdee you’ve no paperwork, it’s available 24/7 and you can relax with complete peace of mind knowing your money is being taken care and growing whilst you’re free to focus on more fun things than investing. There’s only 1% management fees and no hidden costs. Additionally, Birdee’s starting amount is set at 1000€ meaning you don’t have to be a millionaire to get started. It can be scary to try something new, but who knows what this investment in yourself could support you to do in your future?


You know those people who seem to be born lucky, you know the kind, smile on their face, eyes shining, they are probably, quite simply, highly optimistic. Maintaining a positive attitude can really be like alchemy, a Midas touch. It turns a set back into an opportunity, endings into new beginnings, when others see clouds these optimists are riding the silver linings. Learning to see the sunny side of life may be your best ally moving forwards financially. Asking: how can you turn the situation around? What would be the next smart financial choice? Don’t be afraid to seek advice from kind people who’ve got it sorted also. Reset your mindset and who knows what you’re capable of.



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