To have money in front of you... you have to put money aside

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By Birdee

We do not all have the same standard of living. Some have a nice reserve of money to invest, while others keep a close eye on their end of month. We are not all equal when it comes to investment. Some like to take risks, others prefer to remain cautious. But whatever our profile, if we want to save well, a universal basic principle states that we must diversify our investments!

That is why we will never recommend placing all your savings with Birdee.

Even if their return is almost nil today, most of us keep one or more regulated savings accounts such as the Livret A in France, or the savings account in Belgium. Deposited amounts can be used to face more or less stringent contingencies (car breakdown, real estate works, health expenditure...).

Beyond these precautionary savings, there are a thousand reasons to save whether to build up a patrimony, finance a future expense, take care of your loved ones or to ensure your old age, "to have money in front of you", as Pierre Desproges put it very well, "you have to put money aside".

The portfolios we offer you at Birdee have this vocation. They take into account your needs and the number of years you are ready to wait to meet your desires: 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years... We take care of investing for you on the financial markets which are, on the long term, more profitable than savings books.

How much then, set aside? Birdee advises you:

• Aim to save 20% of your salary each month.

• Place half of this amount on a savings account

• Invest the other half on more varied instruments.

With Birdee, it is open from 1000€ and 50€ /month. Discover our portfolios here.


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