Invest in living a lighter way: an ode to summer solstice

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By Birdee
For those of us northern hemisphere inclined, the 21 st June 2019 is the longest day of the year, aka summer solstice. In the North Cape, Norway, the northernmost point on our globe accessible by car, there will be light for 24 hours consecutively. In Paris, sunrise began at 5.46 am and the sun sets at 9.57 pm equaling 16.11 hours of sunlight, longer still in Brussels at 16.31 hours and in Luxembourg City a shorter 16.18 hours, London at 16.38 hours. The seasons have officially changed and the earth tilts on its axis at 23.5 degrees eyes locked in a brief standoff with the sun. Indeed, even the word ‘solstice’ derives from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) owing to the sun's little changing position in the sky at noon on this day. The summer solstice, a day longing for 24 hours of light, the ‘midnight sun’ rather than the opposite no light at all or ‘polar night’ is a celebration for many cultures. Romantic traditions emerge spanning Scandinavia and the Baltics, the Mediterranean too. It feels also remarkable, really, if we take a moment to think. So what can we learn from summertime and these longer, stretched out, languid days? How about this for a start: KEEP IT LIGHT/ KEEP IT EASY /STAY FREE Now is not the time to be laden with thick jumpers and undue concerns. Now is a time to enjoy levity, laughter and light. It is the beginning of beaches, watermelons, flip flops, seashells, fresh flowers, home-made lemonade, ice-pops, camping, toasting marshmallows, bike riding, a time to have adventure and enjoy being with the people you love. Now you breathe out slowly, now you smile. For Birdee, KEEP IT LIGHT/ KEEP IT EASY /STAY FREE are pretty important, well essential really. It’s our view to the creative innovation of our technology and certainly our view to our customer care. We offer our customers, you, transparent and easy investment opportunities. We offer you the freedom and flexibility to withdraw or change your investments at any time at the touch of a button. With that, we hope to offer you peace of mind. So that summertime can be as it is sung of in old jazz songs … ’easy livin’. So that you can enjoy all that you have been looking forward to and anticipating, all of it, in the magic of the late sweet light.


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