What should I do with my holiday bonus?

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By Birdee

Holiday bonus: what are you going to do with it?

The first thought when you receive your holiday bonus is to use it to treat yourself over the summer. We're not going to lie, it's very nice to be able to take advantage of this summer bonus on holiday and treat yourself to little extras. But of course there are other ways to make the most of it. Not planning to go on holiday this summer? Everything is already paid for and booked? What if you took advantage of this sum to invest it? Here are 4 ideas for investing your holiday allowance and making it grow in the sun! ☀️


The holiday bonus is a benefit offered by some companies to their employees. It is generally paid during the summer period to help employees enjoy their holidays. The holiday bonus, like the profit-sharing bonus, is not compulsory and is a one-off payment. Each company is free to decide whether or not to pay it, and how and how much it should be paid. If the company decides to introduce a holiday bonus, the amount must be the same for all employees who receive it.

💡 Is the holiday bonus subject to income tax?

The holiday bonus must be shown on the employee's payslip when it is paid by the employer for the month in question. Although the holiday bonus is not taken into account when calculating holiday entitlement, it is nevertheless considered as additional pay. The holiday bonus is therefore subject to social security contributions and income tax.


Obviously, the idea of spending your holiday allowance this summer has crossed your mind. An unplanned trip to the park, an impromptu weekend away, a long-awaited gift or even financing some work on your home - there's no shortage of ways to spend your bonus. But have you thought about investing it? Whatever the amount of your holiday bonus, it can grow, as long as you invest it correctly!

This summer, opt for responsible investment

Have you decided not to fly this summer to reduce your carbon footprint and would you like to use your holiday allowance to support a project close to your heart? Why not opt for socially responsible investment? Do something for the environment while making your investment grow. With your holiday allowance, invest to finance the ecological transition.

At Birdee, your projects and your values are important to us too. That's why we want to offer you the chance to invest in responsible portfolios that meet your expectations, from as little as €50.

Put your holiday bonus in a bank savings account

Putting your savings in a bank passbook is a great way of putting money aside, but the interest rates are often much lower than for an investment. On the other hand, if you're not going on holiday this summer, there's nothing to stop you putting your holiday allowance into a passbook and letting your money grow to save for a trip next year! 🌴

Save for your future

Whether it's life insurance, a pension savings plan (PEP) or a people's savings passbook (LEP), take advantage of this summer income to invest in a savings product. Safe and easy to use, savings products offer attractive interest rates, depending on the type of investment, provided you're patient! 

Before choosing your savings product, check the conditions of use it requires. In France, for example, you are advised to leave your money in a life insurance policy for at least 8 years before you can take full advantage of it. Similarly, you can only withdraw money from a PER once you have retired.

Invest in the stock market

Are you tempted by the idea of investing in the stock market, but never dared to take the plunge? What if now was the time? Investing in the stock market is accessible to all budgets, whether you have €50 or €500. While it is advisable to have some knowledge of the stock market and shares, you can also choose to be accompanied by a professional.

Stock market prices fluctuate constantly, so this is a long-term investment.

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