What will investing over 10 years get me?

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By Birdee

We are often told that we should save as soon as possible to prepare for the future: retirement, life projects, house, children's studies, etc. The French, with 87% of savers, and the Belgians, with 83%, are good students and rank among the champions of Europe in terms of saving. There are two ways to invest: long-term to earn interest or short-term to cover the hazards of life.

But is long-term investment necessary? What does it really bring? How do you save and invest over 10 years? Birdee answers your questions on long-term saving and investing to become unstoppable!


Investing for the long term is risky for any length of time (liquidity, loss of return, drop in prices, etc.), but it can be learned and it pays off. Or you can choose to entrust this task to an expert.

When you invest for the long term, you do not use the money immediately, as opposed to short-term investments for contingencies, hardships and whims... So, for long-term investments, you can invest in investments that are not liquid, such as real estate, or in investments with a high but uncertain average return, such as stocks.


However, investing over a period of 10 years or more can offer you many advantages. We're not saying you'll become a billionaire, but in the face of inflation, it's a way to put your money to work and get some extra euros!

Overcome market fluctuations more easily

By investing over a long period of time, you can cope with fluctuations and possible falls in market prices. Periods of market decline impact you less if you invest for the long term, as the market will tend to recover afterwards.

Achieving higher yields through compounding

Compounding is when your initial investments and their interest generate additional interest. The gains made each year are reinvested and generate interest themselves. In this way, you capitalise and achieve higher returns. Over time, the value of investments grows exponentially. Long-term investments tend to offer higher returns than short-term investments.

Be more flexible and less stressed

Investing over a longer period of time gives you more time to achieve your financial goals, so you are more flexible in your investment approach. You can be more aggressive in your investments and achieve higher returns.

In addition, you reduce the stress associated with short-term market fluctuations. You are more confident in making investment decisions as you have more time to achieve your goals.

Benefit from tax advantages

If you invest over a substantial period of time, you benefit from tax advantages such as long-term capital gains, which are generally taxed at lower rates than short-term capital gains.

The Birdee tip ⚡️: Diversify your investments across different asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.) to reduce risk and maximise potential returns.


  1. Stock market shares

They are a cost-effective way to invest for the long term, as they generally offer higher returns than bonds or savings accounts. It is important to diversify the portfolio by investing in stocks from different industries and geographical regions to minimise risk.

Did you know that? It is possible to invest responsibly and Birdee is there for you! Invest and act for society and the planet and find our solutions to invest responsibly from 50 euros!

  1. Real estate

It is an attractive investment if you are looking for regular income and long-term growth. You can invest in property directly by buying rental properties or indirectly by buying shares in an SCPI (société civile de placement immobilier). This is an unlisted company funded by investors to acquire and manage property for rental. Your investments are diversified and the risks are shared with other investors.

  1. The PER (Retirement Savings Plan)

Thanks to the PER you build up capital for your future retirement. This investment is deductible from income tax under certain conditions. You pay in the amounts you wish and when you wish. You also benefit from the diversification of investments.

  1. The cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a term used to describe all virtual currencies. Due to high demand and limited supply, its value can increase rapidly. It allows you to diversify your investment portfolio. However, it is important to note that investing in cryptocurrency is considered risky and volatile.

In terms of returns, shares and real estate are the best long-term investment options, but they are not immune to risk. To avoid being left out in the cold, put money into traditional savings accounts such as PELs, life insurance, youth passbooks, Livret A, LEP, LDDC, PEAs, etc.


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