Defensive, Moderate, Dynamic… What’s your investment style?

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By Birdee
OK, you've taken the plunge, and decided to invest some of your savings in the hope of better returns than your bank account can give you. But how much risk are you willing to accept? Where do you sit on the risk/return see saw? Come to Birdee and we’ll help you decide. We’ll take you through a simple questionnaire that helps you decide what your savings objectives are, what your timeframe is and what level of risk you’re up for. Once we’ve done that we’ll recommend a portfolio that fits perfectly. Which of our five investment styles will suit you best? Defensive Your priority is to maximum security. You want to be sure of recovering your starting capital, and get consistent returns, even if they’re low. This profile is good if you plan to withdraw money in the short term, for example a purchase. Moderate You are willing to take some risks but you want to protect your capital and get stable returns. You are aware that looking for returns involves a higher level of risk but you are not prepared to bear heavy losses. Stable You are willing to take some risks but your priority is to obtain constant returns. You prefer to get a stable return over time (like a life annuity), even if you see the value of your starting capital decrease from time to time. Protector You are willing to take some risks but your priority is to avoid a loss of value of your starting capital. You are ready to obtain fluctuating returns if it means you get to keep your capital. Dynamic You  are happy to accept a higher level of risk in return for the chance of higher gains. You are ready to assume a period of losses to try to achieve high gains. Once you’ve set your Birdee profile, we’ll recommend some portfolios to match your attitude to risk. You can amend your profile – and your portfolio – at any time to keep it in line with your expectations and comfort zone. For more information, go to the FAQ "How to update my risk profile?"  


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